mns logo web bfbf4544Muzieknetwerk Salland is an cooperation of local music associations, Schools of music, private music teachers and volunteers to arrange music lessons on the primaty schools. Children from the groups 6 & 7 of the primary school get music lessons at school, during school time to improve the connection between children of this age and the music schools.

The "leerorkest" project is developed by the muziekschool Amsterdam Zuid-Oost by Marco de Souza.

In 2013 the Muzieknetwerk Salland has started this method at schools in Raalte, Broekland, Luttenberg and Mariënheem. They started with introductionlesssons and the leerorkest (learning orchestra). After the start the organisation developed itself presenting a lot of training pakages for students at primary school as well as trianing the teacher there. 

In the introductionlessons the children will be introduced to the different musical instruments: Violin, elictrical Guitar, acoustic guitar, bassguitar, timpani, snaredrum, chimes, trumpet, flugelhor, trombone and baritone. After these lessons de children tell their privileged instrument and there will be groups made. The different children will start per instrument group under supervision of a professional educated musicla teacher. There will also be some pieces that will be written especcially for the group. Besides these grouplessons there are orchestral rehearsels on regular basis lead by professional conductor Maikel Kremer.

At the end of the project there will be a concert were the children will do an orchestral performance supported by the teachers and members of Drumfanafre St. Caecillia Raalte.

For this project ill be giving lessons to the brass section (trumpet, flugelhor, trombone and bariton) with Maikel Kremer

The rest of the teachers involved in the project are: Robin Breukers (guitar), Manuela Verbeek(cello), Roy Hendriks (percussion), Isabelle Doodhagen (Violin)