01. MG 0804Guido Cornet (born 15 november 1988 in Almelo, NL) studied trumpet Jazz and Pop at the ArtEZ college of music in Zwolle were he graduated on june 21st 2011 as Bachelor of Music and on July 2013 as Master of Music.

He followed lessons at Jan Wessels, Angelo Verploegen, Tilmar Junius and Joan Reinders. During this master degree Guido continued developing his skills in trumpet playing, arranging and composing music. Besides that Guido developed himself as a orchestral director as well as a Brass teacher at several musical clubs.  He Played a nice final examen. (see video's)

At July 2nd 2013 Guido gratuated as Master Jazz trumpet en arranger at the ArtEZ Conservatorium with a nice final exam. (watch video's)

During his bachelor and master study Guido worked on playing, arranging and composing all kinds of music. Jazz, Pop, Latin, Klassiek, Gypsy. You call it. He can play it.
He played in several big bands, horn sections, Cover bands etc.

Piece of history:

guido trompet webGuido picked up his first musical instrument at the age of seven. This was, common in those times, the recorder. He played the recorder for two years. Then he went to the musical school where educated himself on other instruments. The foundation was layed down. 

At the age of 9 he started playing the trumpet at the school of music in Almelo where he got lessons from Hans Hilgerink. He passed the A, B and C examens here.

Beside the lessons he also started to play at one of the local concert bands in Alemlo, het Almelos stedelijk orkest. He gained a lot of interplay experience.

After a few years he started playing jazz and pop music in the school of music's big band, Big Bang and a few years later in the Big Basement Band. Cause of his experience he also played a few times in the grown up big band, Big Band Almelo.

After his study at the Openbare scholengemeenschap Het Erasmus where he gratuated the HAVO he started at the Artez Conservatorium in Zwolle (Netherlands) where he had lessons at many teacher among which Jazz trumpet player Jan Wessels.

Here he developed himself to a trumpet player who can play almost every style of music!