Since i've been graduated i have done some great thing but sometimes there are concerts to play that get a special place in your heart. As well as last saturday, 26th of april

Sinds ik afgestudeerd ben heb ik al weer veel leuke dingen mogen doen, maar soms krijgt een evenemtent waar je mag spelen een speciale plek in je hart. Zo ook koningsdag, afgelopen zaterdag, 26 april.

A few weeks ago Ton Kerkhof called me if i could play at kingsday at a singingparty on the "nieuwe markt" in Kampen, Netherlands.

Of Course. I love to play. This singing concert is a new event with a band with horns and singers.

Fridaynight we had a rehearsel at the Muziekbrouwerij. The studio of Ton Kerkhof. We rehearsed on a professional level. Because it got late i stayed at Ton's Play. Nice!

At Kingsday at eleven the concert started. We play well and on top of that Dutch television was there also. They recorded the event and aired it that night.

I loved to play at such a special event.

Below you will find a few photos and video's.


Musicians who were playing the gig:

Ton Kerkhof - guitar, bandleader
Roy Kieftenbeld - drums
Johnny Franz - percussion
Heico Herweijer - basguitar
Paul de Vroome - piano / synth
Max Kerkhof - piano / synth
Han koek - trombone / singer
Guido Cornet - trumpet
Huib Torenbeek - alto sax / soprano sax
Jac Ruiten - singer
Ria van Dijkhorst - singer

Video "Hart van Nederland":