Wynton Marsalis 6It was a lot of work but i did it. The research for my master is finished. I wrote a paper in dutch titled: Wat heeft een jazztrompettist aan klassieke basistechniek?

I've interviewed trumpet playersWillem van der Vliet, Ack van Rooyen, Eric Vloeimans, Jan Oosthof en Angelo Verploegen for the research paper. Many thanks for your time. You all helped me a lot. I've written a plan for implementing classical trumpet technic in the jazz education at the ArtEZ conservatory.I'm really happy with the result. I only have to defend it.

The presentation will be open to public on Wednesday 29 mei 2013.

Location: Conservatorium Zwolle, kamer K2.10

Adress: Aan de stadsmuur 88, 8011 VD Zwolle


I would love to see you all.

You can read my paper here.

28 may: I have some additional information included in a new pdf above.

UPDATE: I have presented my research. It is rewarded with a seven.