It's been quite here for some time. That's because of my new home. In the summer holiday I have got my the key of my new appartment. It's great living in my new place. A lot of time got into it to make it really my new home but I'm really happy with it.

Below some pictures.

IMG 4961

IMG 4967

Now i've got my own working chamber. There's no studying in my bedroom anymore. It's really nice to devide my house in studying, sleeping and relaxing.

After the holiday school is also started. In my second year I decided to stick to the goals and teachers I had in my first year. I still have lessons of Jan Wessels, Angelo Verploegen, Joan Reinders and Tilmar Junius. Great teachers who came learn me a lot. All lessons more or less started and I am feeling great with the progress. At the end of the year I may do my final exam which will be a concert with my own big band arrangements. I'm looking forward to this. To finish everything and become a better arranger and player there's a lot work to do but that's great.

Beside the final concert I also have to write a thesis (research paper). It's very interesting to be able to work on such a way. My thesis will be about the purpose for jazz trumpet player / horn player to have a clasisical basic technic. Because of my lessons with Angelo Verploegen and Jan Oosthof I discovered the use of having a good classical basic technic. How to develop this and the use of it are part of my thesis. When it's finished I will post it here to read for everybody. I keep you all posted.