Own of my hobbys is to build websites. I am self-thaught to do this. I started compiling HTML in notepad on my trusty PC and later in Dreamweaver. Later I discovered PHP and content management systems like wordpress and joomla. I always try to use my eye for details as i learned with playing music. The websites below are all build by me. Besides that i do maintanance work for some other sites. See the list below:

Website guidoGuido Cornet

Trompetles aan huisTrompetles aan huis

10 beaufort10 Beaufort

BBSABig Band Straight Ahead

LeoharmonieKoninklijke Enschedese Leo harmonie


BlueriverjazzbandBlue River Jazz Band

Limehouse jazzbandLimehouse-Jazzband

ENOEuphonia Novelty Orchestra